16G SFP+

SFP 16G TransceiverEoptolink offers SFP+ 16G,  SFP 16G fibre channel transceivers that are SFP compliant. This fibre channel transceiver solution supports high-speed serial links over multimode optical fiber at signaling rates up to 14.025 GBd.

Using the 2-wire serial interface defined in the SFF-8472 MSA, these 16G fibre channel transceivers provide real-time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power and received input power.

Compliant with Small Form Pluggable (SFP) Multi Source Agreement (MSA) mechanical and electrical specifications for LC Duplex transceivers, ANSI Fibre Channel transceiver for FC-PI-5 and FC-PI-2 gigabit applications.


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