QSFP-DD 2x100G


Eoptolink's QSFP28-DD is addressing three technical challenges for Ethernet switch and router vendors. The transceiver can be used to offer 200G point-to-point interconnections. They also can be used for high port building practices in 100G switches/routers, thus doubling the port density by using the two CS connector interfaces independently. Additionally, the transceivers can be used in 400G switches/routers to offer more efficient backward compatibility to legacy 100G interfaces like CWDM4, 4WDM-10 or LR4.

Eoptolink’s QSFP-DD 2x100G are having 8x25G optical lanes operating at NRZ encoding. They are compliant with the QSFP-DD MSA. Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface, as specified by the QSFP-DD MSA.

CS ConsortiumEoptolink is a founding member of the CS Consortium, a group of leading fiber optic component manufacturers that focuses on educating end users and design consultants about the technical advantages of using CS based high density connectivity solutions.

Participating members of the CS Consortium share their resources to fund communications initiatives. These activities, which are directed by the Communications Committee, include the development of white papers, case studies, trade press articles, and presentations.


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