Social Responsibility

Eoptolink objective is to design, manufacture and sell products in an environmentally sustainable manner, following the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The key elements of our environmental policy are

  • To comply with all environmental requirements and regulations in the countries in which we operate;
  • To work with our customers, vendors and regulatory agencies around the world to continuously reduce   the environmental impact of our products;
  • To establish a system of process controls and audits which ensure compliance to corporate   policies and customer requirements;
  • To build a corporate cultural which encourages environmental protection and sustainability.

Eoptolink is fully committed to environmental protection and sustainable development and has set in place a comprehensive program for removing polluting and hazardous substances from its products. RoHS compliance is an integral part of our environmental policies and procedures. Eoptolink works with each of our suppliers to ensure the RoHS compliance of all of our raw materials.

Eoptolink  policies, procedures, and the documentary evidence for RoHS compliance are regularly audited by external third party independent auditors as part of our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.


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